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July 18, 2016

Mega Waddell Open House This Weekend! *Sat 7/23/16 – 11am to 4pm*

ou’re invited to our mega open house event this weekend!

17836 W Claremont St

Waddell, AZ 85355

We will be stationed at 17836 W Claremont St Waddell, AZ 85355, & will be able to open up all of our active Waddell Listings that day!

Many options to choose from!

*Horse Property

*Irrigated acre lots

*Custom Homes

*Homes under $200,000.00

*5bdr homes

*Guest home properties

*5 car garage

*Lots with mountain views

If you prefer a private showing appointment, contact us.

Contact us for more information at:
(623) 810-9954 – Direct

Amy Barnett, GRI, SRS, e-PRO, MRP, Realtor – The Barnett Team Realty One Group

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July 6, 2016

Just listed horse property in Waddell!

Check out our just listed property in Waddell!  

*3,296 Sq Ft

*Guest House w/kitchen, bath, garage w/laundry & storage cabinetry

*4 Horse Stalls & fenced arena

*Irrigated acre property

*5 car garage

*4bdr, 2.5baths in the main house

Country living at its finest! Adorable farmhouse-style home w/huge front porch & white rail fencing. 3 car garage on the main house & 2 car garage on the guest home, 5 car total! Flood-irrigated property w/4 horse stalls & horse arena, mature shade trees, private backyard, extra long driveway & large back porch. Interior upgrades include wood plantation shutters, slate tile flooring & new granite counters. Spacious kitchen with tons of counter space, roll-out cabinets, 2 pantries & stainless double oven. Master suite is split, master bath has large jetted soaking tub, shower w/2 shower heads, linen closet & walk-in closet. 3 more bdr’s split & 1.5 more baths. Guest house features a front porch, full kitchen, family room & bath, 2 car garage w/cabinets & laundry area. Super rare property!

Click this link for an aerial video of the property grounds 

Contact us to tour this beautiful property

(623) 810-9808 – Direct calls or texts

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May 5, 2015

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. That first impression sets the mood for their entire visit to your home and they start forming their opinion of the house as soon as they pull up to the curb. There are several things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home and here are a few of the best options.

1: Edge the Driveway

What’s a driveway? Well, it’s a boring slab of asphalt that people park their car on. Make it into something more visually appealing by installing a border using bricks, pavers, stone, or a combination thereof to give your driveway a clean, elegant look.

2: Sidewalk Lights

Installing some soft, warm lights along the sidewalk not only makes your home look warm and inviting, but illuminates a path for guests to come and go after dusk, increasing their safety. It also increases home security as it helps reduce dark spots around the house, as well as highlighting any landscaping that you’ve done to the yard.

3: Flowers

On the subject of landscaping, flowers can go a long way toward improving the curb appeal of your home, especially on West Phoenix real estate. In the middle of the desert, it’s not always easy to cultivate flora, so be sure to ask at your local nursery what flowers will do well in this climate. Getting perennials will save you from having to plant new flowers every year.

4: Hide Dead Spots

Several of the houses for sale in Surprise, Goodyear, and other neighborhoods have grass lawns. It’s a nice luxury to have in the Phoenix area, but can be a detriment if you also have a tree or two in the yard. The combination of shade and hungry roots grabbing water and nutrients from the soil tends to starve out other plants in the immediate area. You can cover this up by putting mulch down around the tree, which helps retain moisture for the roots (about 2 inches should do) and makes a nice, healthy looking bed for the tree.

5: New Garage Door

More than just a place to park your car, the garage is a large portion of the front surface of your home. If you have an old, dilapidated garage door, it may be wise to replace it. Modern garage doors are better insulated, making your home more energy efficient, and are stronger, which improves home security. Not only that, but your home will look that much nicer.

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May 5, 2015

Real Estate Tax Credits

Owning a piece of West Valley real estate in Phoenix can net you some pretty nifty benefits when tax season rolls around. Naturally, owning a house or any other real estate involves a good amount of work, especially if you’re trying to put up your home for sale in Goodyear or anywhere else.

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just make improvements to it, keep track of your expenses. If you’ve spent over $5,000 in a 24-month period, you might be eligible for a tax credit or deduction. Now, credits are different from deductions. Any amount of credit is directly subtracted from your owed total tax at the end of the year, whereas a deduction reduces your taxable income. A deduction will make your tax bill smaller, whereas a credit lowers your income tax burden, guaranteed.

Certain expenses, like mortgage interest, improvements, renovations, or repairs, can earn you deductions. The IRS also offers credits to real estate owners who are willing to rehabilitate some properties, both residential and non-residential. This credit can be worth anywhere between 10% and 26% depending on several factors, such as whether the house was put into use before 1936, whether it’s a certified historic structure, or if it’s in a disaster area, like those damaged by hurricanes or other similar events.

There is also a program called the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, overseen by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, that’s purpose is to encourage residential developers in the private sector to build affordable housing. The builders are given tax credits, who in turn sell them to investors in order to raise money for low-income housing. For each dollar invested, the investors can benefit from these real estate tax credits for 10 years, so long as the building meets the program qualifications. In order to qualify, the real estate must be residential, rent controlled, and meet low-income tenant eligibility.

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April 13, 2015

Home Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance performed regularly and on schedule provides optimum longevity and helps prevent potential breakdowns or malfunctions. Beyond maintenance procedures for operational sake, the primary (and most important) reason for checking, inspecting, and constantly tuning up your home is to ensure maximum safety for you and your family.

Make these tasks part of your monthly home maintenance schedule:

  • Check water-purification and water-softener filters.
  • Test the water-heater pressure and temperature-relief valve for proper operation.
  • Clean and freshen your drains.
  • Degrease and freshen your disposal.
  • Clean and replace furnace and air-conditioner filters.
  • Check the steam system safety valve and steam gauge.
  • Check the water level of your steam system.
  • Clean the filter on the interior of wall-mounted heat pumps.
  • Check air intakes for insect blockages and debris.
  • Clean the range-hood filter.
  • Clean your appliances.
  • Remove and clean range burners.
  • Wash and rinse the dryer lint screen.
  • Clean and brighten tile and grout.
  • Deep-clean all types of flooring.
  • Test fire-extinguisher pressure gauges.
  • Test smoke-detector sensors and alarms.
  • Test carbon-monoxide detectors.

The Importance of Annual Tasks

Your yearly home maintenance checklist should not be forgotten. They do not strictly refresh your home, but they also reduce future issues and, in the end, save you money. For future home maintenance tips, subscribe to this website.

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Feb. 25, 2015

Top 5 Ways to Green Your Home

Green building involves using certain materials and practices that are healthier for you and better for the environment as well. If you’re considering remodeling, you might want to consider going green for your new additions. You can easily complete an environmentally friendly project by following just a few simple guidelines.

1. Recycle as much as you can. You can help cut down on a lot of waste by choosing materials made from recycled products whenever possible. A lot of building materials can be reused and reinforced. This can help you cut down on costs as well as help the environment.

2. Use local materials for your construction project. By using materials from your local area, they don’t have to travel as far to get to you. This helps you cut down on transport costs and it consumes less fuel to move them. Also, since the materials are already adapted to your climate, they will be more durable in the long run, as they remain in their native environment. As an aside, you’re also helping local business grow by keeping your business in the neighborhood.

3. Think sustainable. Did you know that bamboo can grow as much as a meter a day? Bamboo has also been used in construction for centuries, so it’s already a time-tested building material, proven to be sturdy, flexible, and sustainable. Products made from materials like bamboo and cork are better for the environment because they break down easier and they’re natural materials so there are fewer, if any, chemicals involved. As an added bonus, because they’re so plentiful and easy to replace, they’re cheaper for you too, cutting down on your supply costs.

4. Find ways to cut back on water and power use. High efficiency washing machines, dual-flush or low-flow toilets, and other such appliances use less water than their traditional counterparts. This helps you save on water costs. If you have the budget, you might also want to consider installing a system for harvesting rainwater. Low-wattage light bulbs, energy saving power strips, and other devices can help conserve electricity, lowering your power bill as well as being more environmentally friendly. If your budget allows it, consider having solar panels installed, especially if you live in an area that gets plenty of sun. If you have enough of them, solar panels can not only ease your power burdens, but actually generate electricity that you can sometimes sell back to your local power company for profit!

5. Think before you throw away. You might be surprised what other people need. Before you throw anything away, be it building materials or appliances of any kind, make sure nobody else might be able use it. Put an ad up on Freecycle or Craigslist. By giving someone else the opportunity to use these things, you not only have avoided creating unnecessary waste, but you’ve helped somebody else out with their own remodeling project and probably made a little cash or a valuable trade as well. Everybody wins and it’s an environmentally friendly solution.

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